Pick Your Own

*This page is important.  Please read it in its entirety.*

Getting started

Pick Your Own Club/Picking Card

Before entering our fields and orchards, you must be a member of the Lee Turkey Farm Pick Your Own Club.  The “Club” is nothing new.  We have been doing this since 1972.

The purpose of our Pick Your Own Club is to ensure that all of our customers understand the rules of our farm.  We realize that no one particularly likes to follow rules, but ours are pretty easy to follow. 

​A designated family member fills out a liability form stating that they understand the rules of the farm, and they understand that they and their family are entering the farm and picking produce at their own risk.  We are not responsible for injuries or lost items. 

​After the form is filled out, there is a $2 charge for membership, and you will receive a picking card that acts as your pass for the entire season and shows that you filled out the liability form.  Just $2 for the entire family for the entire year.  Bring your picking pass with you whenever you come to pick, or you will be required to fill out the form again and purchase a new one. 

We do not charge the $2 because we are looking to make extra money, only to give it some sort of value so that you are less likely to lose it.  If you come throughout the season, you get your money back and then some, as the picking pass is also a discount card. 

​Picking Deposit:

​Before you go picking, we charge a $5 picking deposit per adult. 



​In 1964 when we first opened our farm to the public for picking, we quickly found that people like to taste as they pick.  In recent years this became a problem as some people began tasting more than they purchased.  It became so bad that some families were coming to our farm at dinner time, eating their way across the fields, and then purchasing only a couple of dollars worth of produce, with some of them actually buying nothing at all.  This farm is how we make our living, so the picking deposit is, unfortunately, a necessary precaution for us to protect ourselves from these types of people. 

Picking Rules

  • Know the hours we are open before coming
    –Monday through Saturday 9-6
    –Sunday 2-6
    –Last entry into the farm is at 5:00 PM
  • ​Large purses, large bags, backpacks, coolers, jugs of water, cups, snack bags, wipes, napkins, and diapers are not allowed in fields and orchards. Individual water bottles are allowed.
  • Use containers supplied by us
  • Please take note of the prices at the market before you begin. You pay for what you pick.
  • Do not litter
  • Do not climb trees.  Ladders are provided when necessary
  • Picnicking is not allowed on farm property … there is a nice park right across the road with picnic benches and a pavilion where you are welcome to eat.
  • Do not tease or feed the turkeys
  • Keep your children with you at all times
  • Please leave pets at home … we can NOT allow them into fields and orchards
  • There is no need to bring knives with you.  Knives are supplied when necessary. 
  • Have a good time and come back again!