Pick Your Own & Farm Rules

*This page is important.  Please read it in its entirety.*

Getting started

Before picking, a designated family member will fill out a liability form stating that you understand the rules of the farm, and you understand that you and your family are entering the farm and picking produce at your own risk.  We are not responsible for injuries or lost items. After that, you’ll receive a picking card. Bring the card back anytime you come throughout the season to show that you’ve already filled out your liability form for the year.

Monday through Saturday, admission is $3 per person for anyone age 3 and up. Sunday admission is $5 per person age 3 and up.

After that, you just pay for what you pick.

You may be wondering… Why charge an entrance fee?

At Lee Turkey Farm, our family works hard to provide our guests with a clean, family-friendly destination and with fresh, high quality produce. We try to provide a unique experience that you and your family can remember for years to come. An entrance fee helps make this possible.

Offering U-Pick for our guests is a much more expensive and labor-intensive way to farm compared to wholesaling fruits and vegetables. We have to acquire staff to maintain the fields and assist customers. There is an abundance of waste in the fields once the U-Pick season gets underway, with produce that gets missed and ends up rotting, produce that is stepped on, produce that is picked before it is ripe and then thrown out, as well as a good portion of fruit that is eaten in the orchards and fields.

Entrance fees get reinvested back into the farm… into our orchards, fields, and business… helping to prepare the land, care for the crops, and pay wages for our employees.

Entrance fees help pay the costs associated with the upkeep of equipment and buildings.

Entrance fees go towards hiring the staff necessary to keep our farm clean and maintained.

We understand that memories are made here and beautiful family photos are taken. We wish to keep providing the backdrop to the moments you share with your family and friends, and hope we can continue to do so for years to come.

We know not everyone will understand the reason behind our prices, but it’s what helps keep our small, family-owned farm running, and it supports healthy, local produce and locally based business and wages.

We appreciate your understanding!

Picking Rules

No one likes rules, but they are there to keep our farm safe, clean, and still profitable for our family.

  • Know the hours we are open before coming:
    -Monday through Saturday 9-6
    -Sunday 2-6
    -Last entry into the farm is at 5:00 PM (No, we cannot make exceptions, even if you drove a long distance.)
  • No food coolers or large bags are necessary, especially if they contain more bags, cups, napkins, utensils, or seasonings.
  • Diaper bags are fine to bring!
  • Please pay for what you pick before eating. This is not an all-you-can-eat buffet.
  • Use containers supplied by us.
  • Please take note of the prices at the market before you begin. You pay for what you pick. We cannot put it back after you’ve picked it.
  • Do not litter. Help keep our farm beautiful!
  • Do not climb trees.  Ladders are provided when necessary. Please use ladders appropriately; don’t climb to the top rung.
  • Picnicking is not allowed on farm property. There is a park right across the road with picnic benches and a pavilion where you are welcome to eat.
  • Do not tease or feed the turkeys.
  • Keep your children with you at all times. Please don’t leave them unsupervised at the playground while you go off to pick.
  • Please leave pets at home. We know your dog is cute and loves the outdoors, we know he might be quiet or might even sit in a stroller the whole time, but we canNOT allow them into fields and orchards, and especially not near the turkeys, for food health and safety reasons.
  • There is no need to bring knives with you.  Knives are supplied when necessary.
  • No smoking on the premises. Please keep our air clean and healthy for families.  
  • Have a good time and come back again!